New York City, baby.

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Remember when we said we'd had it with maintaining our 'much funnier-if-you're-tanked-up' blog? And here we are going back on our word: how Survivor All-Star of us.

Freaking out and changing your whole philosophy is something one does quite regularly in New York; you decide to get rid of all your possessions one day, and the next you're determined to amass great sums of money or kill someone trying.

The pendulum swings hard and fast in this town. Mood fluctuates wildly. The urge hits you -- what if I could hide out for a few weeks in shadowy dives where no one could find me. Then bang! You're pumped for that friend -- the one who knows where The Action can be found -- to send you a last-ditch, late-afternoon email suggesting a mission to hit sceney art openings and get drunk with lots of friends (well, they're actually more her friends than yours).

Our skull is suddenly filling with liquid. Don't expect us to ever blog again.


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