New York City, baby.

Thursday, February 05, 2004


Okay, here's the deal. We provide the quote. You tell us the person who actually said it.

"It intensifies your tactile sensations and emotions."

Please choose one:

A. John Kerry, explaining to Tim Russert on Meet The Press why he's decided to wear an ornamental silver nipple-guard all the way through Super Tuesday and possibly until the National Convention.

B. Director of the CIA George Tenent, during a private meeting with President Bush and his cabinet just weeks before the Iraq War, in response to the President's question, 'What is the most honest reason I can give the American public for why we're going to war?'

(Note: Rumsfeld coughed under his breath then interjected that they might want to go the "massive stockpiles of deadly weapons aimed at us" route. Everyone agreed that sounded better. Except Bush -- who was preoccupied in a serious game of computer Tetris.)

C. Daniel Faneuil, at the Martha Stewart trial, explaining to Judge Miriam Cedarbaum the effects of ecstasy.

(Note: Talk about conclusive proof of perjury. "Real" ecstasy in New York. No way.)


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