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Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Some advice heading into Turkey Day...

If you enjoy watching a classic, good-hearted tale turned into a crotch-smashing, curse-ridden, dirty ho-joking abomination check out The Cat In The Hat. The makers of this film should be ashamed for lacking a sense of imagination extending beyond that of a development executive who wears a $5000 watch with a ratty baseball cap and jeans, or a sense of humor that extends beyond the skill of a white, liberal arts educated screenwriter, the kind who watches SportsCenter, has a Fletch poster in his room at the age of thirty-two, and hides his dorkiness by gathering with vapid, indie-rock friends in Silver Lake dives. And bonus, Myers uses his Linda Richman coffee talk voice, in effect turning The Cat into a Jewish yenta from New Jersey. Nice.


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