New York City, baby.

Thursday, November 06, 2003

Help Blubox solve one of downtown New York's greatest mysteries. Near Time Cafe on Lafayette St., hanging down the side of a building, is a poster for the adultery-theme thriller Unfaithful.

You all remember the lusty image: A sexually ravenous Diane Lane suctioned to her European lover's chest. Above them, in profile, Richard Gere staring off into the abyss, with a look that says: "Why does my wife smell like Armani cologne and prosciutto?"

As much as we enjoy this unintentional exhibit on the nature of cultural irrelevence in our rapid consume-and-dispose lives -- the movie came out on Sept. 14, 2001 -- the question persists: why is the giant ad still hanging there over two years later? Two years.

Not since the Knight's Tale poster on 1st Avenue has an ad lingered around for such an unsettlingly long time.

Did the deal between the ad company and the building owner fall through and the ad company was, like, "Up yours, you take down the friggin' poster"?

Or some diabolical attempt to try to, slowly but surely, make us all devout followers of His Holiness Richard Gere?

Answers, people. We seek answers.


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