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Tuesday, November 04, 2003



CBS pulls the plug on mini-series The Reagans. Some Hollywood liberals fear that Jimmy Carter of Arcadia could be next.


The movie to see this week. Here's a hint: it stars a mentally-challenged hero. No, not Radio. We're talking, of course, about Keanu. Big premiere tomorrow. Attempts to get Blubox Intern to come as Trinity still on going.


The science of hype has reached such elevated levels that it's virtually impossible to find an underrated album. New albums from The Strokes, Ryan Adams, The Shins, My Morning Jacket: they've all been touted by critics and hipsters alike. And were sure it's all more than deserved. But we miss The Find. Does it still exist?


With the presidential election year commencing, today feels like the first day of the baseball season. It could be wishful thinking but with the chaos in Iraq and a still shaky economy (jobs aren't being randomly tossed our way) it appears the Dems have a semblance of a chance. If only any of these guys had a semblance of charm, vision, or general likability. Dems need a stud; what they have is a debate club that couldn't score on a porn set.

The only stud we can think of is, in fact, a studette: Hillary. We think it would be a bad call politically for her to run in 2004, but what a difference it would make in the race. It's the difference between watching a playoff series between the Yankees and the Red Sox and watching, say, a playoff series between the Yankees and the Florida Marlins.


Our good pals threw a sexy-fun book party at Nublu, a bar that exists for the pleasure of those who live for Magic Hour in New York. Gen X stocking stuffers don't come anymore tailor-made than Book of Ages 30, which as their splendid website explains, "explores life's landmark ages in hilariously obsessive detail."


Jessica Simpson should star in remake of: Seven Year Itch. (The repressed married man who fights her off in vain: Hugh Grant.)

Mandy Moore should star in remake of: The African Queen. (The drunk swaggering boat captain: Colin Farrell.)

Britany Spears should star in remake of: Grease. (The bad-boy role of Danny: Orlando Bloom. Rizzo: Avril Lavigne.)


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