New York City, baby.

Sunday, September 28, 2003

It's Sunday and there are many options how to spend the day.Blubox Intern suggest a trip to Bed Bath and Beyond. She has a 20% off coupon, as in 20% off our masculinity. We decide to walk around instead.

Record Store employees are still baffled by my request for My Morning Jacket. "We don't have that," said the employee on Bleeker Street flatly, deciding it wasn't worth the time to even check his computer.

I was shocked that a cool record store on Bleeker would be clueless about My Morning Jacket. For that matter, that the entire downtown record store world would be in the dark.

Is the downtown getting less cutting edge, less in-the-know? To be fair, our search was based around the NYU and West Village area. Perhaps why, despite the pretty streets and great brunch haunts, I never would live there. It's just a few steps two deep in the surface reality -- the Matrix, if you will. There's more of a chance of discovery and magic in the Lower East Side.

Almost bought the new David Bowie album. David Bowie would prefer the Lower East Side. But we wish Lower East Side was even more Bowie-friendly.

Shouldn't Adult World be a glam palace? Shouldn't Sin-e give off a little more of a fuck-me-in-the bathroom vibe? Where's that Save The Robots club on Avenue C with the hard drivin' hard druggin' mind-blowin' music and the Special K droppin' twenty-three year old hitchhikers who wouldn't be caught in trendy low-riders but prefer patent leather pants and screw-me-red lipstick?

After clearing the perimeter set up by Homeland Security around Central Park, which included a deadly strict no-blanket policy, we had a lovely time at the Dave Matthews Band Concert.

The Great Lawn became the meeting spot for thousand of strangers -- sharing more than space, but a need to jump off the S.S. City for a few hours. On a rating from 1 to 10. 10 a total escape from the bullshit and 1 being the slightest change of consciousness we give it a 5. Which these days is nothing less than miraculous.

In the distance, we took in a pretty sunset skyline, the twinkling illumination of the highrises growing stronger as the sunlight faded. Definetly a 6. A guy standing beside us, who like us miracilously snuck in a contraband blanket causing an immediate bond to occur, pointed over to a building in the distance and explained: "That's the castle from Ghostbusters." More like a 2.


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