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Sunday, September 07, 2003

Erratic. That's one way to describe Blubox's publishing schedule. We're trying to get our asses in gear. Really, we are. Some things feel easier then others and when you're twenty-nine you tend to gravitate towards them -- for example, watching the Red Sox take the first two games from the Yankees in Yankees Stadium. We think the secret might be to write something that doesn't involve much brain power (it is Sunday morning after all). So here is our music picks for the week:

Album we are most excited to listen to after hearing just one song: My Morning Jacket
Album we are most excited to listen to after hearing not even one song: The New Strokes Album
Album we are most excited to listen to but would never admit it:
The New John Mayer Album
Album we bought because they were referred to as the "Southern Strokes" and then felt suckered by music magazine hype:
Kings of Leon
Album that is getting better over time:
Nine Inch Nail's Closer
Album that is getting worse over time:
Snatch Soundtrack
Album recommended by St. Mark's record store clerk that we passed on:
Johnny Marr's New Album
Album we would buy if we found $15 in Union Square:
Ed Harcourt's New Album
Album we most want to buy as a result of the MTV Video Music Awards:
Johnny Cash Song:"Hurt"
Album we most want to buy based on song we hear played on KROC:
Queens of The Stone Age Song:"Go With The Flow"


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