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Friday, June 20, 2003

Every Night In The Blog Scene Is No Worries Night

Blubox is happy to report its social debut in Manhattan’s Blog Scene went wonderfully last night. Our coming-out party dovetailed perfectly with the happy hour party thrown by Gothamist and 601am.

Anyone who is anyone in the blog world was there -- drinking and mingling outside on the back garden of Smithfield, a bar on Essex. An exclusive view of the Surface Hotel, every blog visionary’s favorite neo-structure, it’s backside towering over us, provided the ideal meta-backdrop.

Hyper-intellectual urbanites are so much more fun to hang with at the horizon of age thirty -- less verbal sparring of a desperate show-off variety and insidiously guarded-for-no-good-reason vibe. The unnamed contempt level -- self or otherwise - is reduced considerably.

Among the crowd, which we liked, notwithstanding that the freak flag was at half-mast, could be found the crème de la blog: the Flavor Pill guys who kindly endured my noobie questioning about The Blog Culture. Also spotted were the noisemakers from Gawker,,, as well as the street team from, who should be credited, or caned as it may turn out, for leading us through the rabbit hole.

The rest of the night gets freaky and zoney after the happy hour ended. Many of the blog scene’s killer elite, or rather elite killers, hippety-hopped over to that old gray mule Ludlow

Ms. Spiers, who has quickly established herself as the Gertrude Stein of the Blog Scene, held court on a couch. Our presence was overlooked (for now, for now) but alcohol afforded us the brave inspiration to cop a quick feel of her bum.

Bad sign late in the night: the bartender gives us the shortest pour we’ve seen in our lives. We give him a look. He responds: you’re barking up the wrong tree. Any amount of reflection tells us he was right and today we feel indebted, as that last drink would have surely meant The End.

It became a classic Sneaker night: when total wastedness sneaks up on you and then slams you. The brutalized by vodka blues were being sung loudly this morning at the Blubox as we searched for the answers to that eternal question: how?

Damage report included our blog-shy friend’s umbrella, which we managed to destroy when it got hung up on our Burberry raincoat -- and who knows how much mental scarring we inflicted on the ones we love (the amount just on ourselves was generous.)

We will make it up, not just to them, but to this beautiful blogging world.


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