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Thursday, June 19, 2003

Blubox Rocks

As you know, it's not like us to oversell a concept, but as concepts go this one is as sweet as honey. Think of this as the first stop on the Can't Stop The Joy Summer Rock Tour.

Broken Social Scene, which notably made the Blubox List for June, and which our third eye tells us will be one of the fascinating new bands of the Terror Alert Era (while suckers be lookin' for the next Disco Biscuits), is playing at Mercury Lounge tomorrow night.

Turns out the group Elefant is opening for them -- we're utterly dumbfounded. The band has been showered with headline-in-the-LES worthy buzz. Incompetent manager, yes maybe, or cosmic anomaly for the benefit of The People who get it?

Likewise, we have no clue how we got so god damn blessed to see BSC for $8 at such an intimate venue but it could be a result of us, once again, being way ahead of the curve -- think Blubox's Coldplay endorsement circa 2000.

A wave, we sense strongly, is gaining momentum (the universe speaks, we listen, we report); feel it this Friday at a Lower East Side near you. Fuck the "I can't promise you a good time" disclaimers. Dude, we serve it up with a nice Pinot Grigio and a side of mussels from Lucien.

We already made a pitstop at Mercury Lounge today (beats looking for a job in a hilariously destructive-to-your-well-being society) to gather intelligence. Got the scoop from cute pale indie-chick sitting at bar with clipboard, copy of The Onion, and a "How can I help you?" i.e "Can you help me find the keys I dropped in the basement behind the new shipment of Brooklyn Lager kegs?"

She explains:

The show will be sold out.
Can't buy advance tickets (why you're not already shit out of luck).
Smart move, one gathers the only move, is to come between 7-8 PM. No tickets - a stamp on the hand, you're in, no reentry.
Elefant goes on at 10:30 PM.
Broken Social Scene goes on at 11:30 PM.

We forgot to verify the cost -- no matter, this is the wrong night to use the icky lack of funds excuse to your friends. Deal with Life the following afternoon when you commence functioning. Show up to Play before your mind calls child services to report the mental abuse it’s suffered lately at the hands of you.

The Blubox Advisory System puts the Threat of Shanking Condition at Guarded. That’s Blu, a condition that declares a general risk of shanking.


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