New York City, baby.

Friday, October 24, 2003


Chicken Satay With Sticky Rice
at RICE (227 Mott St.)

It's a beautiful fall day. Nowhere to be and the wheels in our head are losing speed. Walking down Spring Street. Passing that popular rice pudding shop, a gift of amusement that never fades. Stopping into Rice, like a visit to an old friend not seen in an embarrasingly long time.

We feel blessed to snag the last empty seat. Happy to hear Van Morrison playing in the background. Happy to have ten different kinds of honey to put in our tea.

And most happy of all, to be mixing together the contents of our Chicken Satay and Sticky Rice into a highly pleasing mess. According to Blubox Intern, the Lemongrass Chicken is quite nice too.

Walking out to the street, leaving our old friend behind. Realizing the embarassment was all in our heads.

Like most things.


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