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Friday, April 30, 2004

Blubox goes inside the story of…

A Cop Calls Pot Princess Charming

She's accused of being the dope-dealing darling of NYU's freshman class - but the New Jersey cop who first collared Julia Diaco over Christmas break said he never suspected she could be a drug peddler.

Question: who will be next year’s dope-dealing darling of NYU’s freshman class -- Mary-Kate or Ashley? Name of the twins’ delivery service: The Full Buddha House.

"She was a very nice young lady. I had no problems with her," said Middletown Police Officer Michael Kenney. "She seemed pretty relaxed. She wasn't excited. She wasn't upset."

And here’s the weirdest part, added Kenney, she was really hungry for junk food. She kept asking if I could stop and pick up some Ben & Jerry’s Oatmeal Cookie Chunk on the way to the precinct.

Diaco, 18, was nabbed by NYPD cops on Tuesday after allegedly selling pot, cocaine and LSD to undercover cops for months outside her NYU dorm room.

Only NARCS still wear Pumas. Sadly, nobody told Diaco.

The arrest shocked people who knew Diaco as the sweet-faced child of a wealthy family in Rumson, N.J. But it wasn't her first run-in with the law.

They can’t possibly be talking about that little “moonshining operation”.

On Dec. 30, Kenney stopped the car of Diaco's then-boyfriend, Kyle DeVesty, 20, while patrolling a secluded dirt road. The young lovers said they had been smoking pot, and Kenney found a small quantity of the drug on Diaco's side of the car.

Give the kids a break. They're just workin' on those night moves. Trying to lose those awkward teenage blues

DeVesty's mother, Holly, said yesterday they were picked up on a "very minor charge."

If John Kerry has DeVesty’s mom working the spin, he’d be ten points ahead in the polls.

DeVesty had a few earlier scrapes with the law, police and his lawyer said.

Then a bleeding heart liberal lawyer married to a fabulously rich socialite took him in. Now he’s hanging out with their socially awkward, wise-ass son and dating the anorexic girl-next-door. Little does anyone know, however, he knocked up Diaco six months ago on that secluded dirt road.

"She's a very nice girl," Holly DeVesty said. "The whole situation is very upsetting."

She sounds like an absolute peach to us.

Diaco seemed personable and perky when she opened the door of her palatial estate yesterday, dressed in a white tank top and a fashion-fad Von Dutch baseball cap.

Accused of wearing a Von Dutch baseball cap. Believe me, that’s no “minor charge”.

"I'm sorry, no comment," she said before closing the door.

...and taking the world’s biggest bong hit.

NYU students and some of the small-time dope dealers in Washington Square Park said Diaco was out of place, showing her suburban roots when she tried to act street-smart.

Who does that remind us of? Hmm…

"You can't be a hustler and a princess," one dealer said. "You have to choose one or the other."

Unless, of course, you’re this person.


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