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Wednesday, April 21, 2004

The contestants on this year’s American Idol are the weakest of any season? Are you kidding me? Name another year when this many kick-ass singers, each likable and attractive, were still competing -- we counted six last night. And the seventh is the red-headed Rat Pack freak who you can't judge according to vocal strength.

This is how I ranked them last night:

1. Jennifer Hudson

It’s crazy: each week she gets hotter and sounds better. If she makes it to the Finals expect her to look like Janet Jackson and sound like Aretha Franklin.

2. Fantasia Barrino

The favorite. The powerhouse. There’s no doubt she’s the Yankees of American Idol. On paper, she's got the most talent. But we find ourselves rooting for the girl with a little less talent, maybe a little more underdog spirit to her. That would be Hudson: the American Idol equivalent of the Red Sox. Still, you can never underestimate the dominating power of the Bronx Bombers and we wouldn’t make that mistake with Fantasia.

3. Diana Degarmo

The girl proved last night she’s got top five lungs, but we can't forget Simon's comment last week that she's a woman-child. Every time we watch her perform it’s painfully obvious: Cowell was dead on. A girl that young shouldn't seem so old. The girlish haircut didn't help much; it was kind of like the star of Hairpsray wearing the blonde cheerleader wig.

4. Jasmine Trias

She looked great last night. The cutest contestant. Hands down. So we keep praying she'll find the voice to match her pop star looks. The voice doesn't have to be as good as Fantasia, but it does have to be as good as Diana.

5. LaToya Jackson

Fantasia-light. All the voice. None of the spark.

6. John Stevens

Mandy. Mandy. Mandy. Ohhhh, Mandy.

7. George Huff

We don't buy his big-smiled man-child act. It's faker than the blonde in Seacrest's gelled hair. Plus, he's older than Contreras. And we suspect also from Cuba.


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