New York City, baby.

Monday, April 19, 2004

Sick days are for really nice days. And apparently, in our case, really nice days are for being sick. It's gorgeous outside -- and where are we? Sitting at our computer, sucking on Cold-eeze lonzenges, sniffling.

Between blowing our nose on coarse cafeteria napkins, we spent the morning following the Red Sox-Yankees battle on Gameday, the not-quite-live online broadcast of the game, complete with Vic 20 ghetto-graphics.

Jew-in-the-house Gabe Kapler got the game-winning hit to propel the Sox to a comeback victory over the Yankees. As a result of the win, the Sox took the first series of the year. Wee-hoo!

What were we doing when we were thirteen years-old? Playing JV soccer. Yes. Going to school dances. Yes. Making pornos. No. Then again we didn't grow up in New York City. We lived in Eastbumfuck. Thanks, mom and dad.


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