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Friday, April 23, 2004

Diva Diss, More Theories

Why did Jennifer Hudson receive the least votes last week?

According to Paula "the painkillers are for my leg, I mean, my arm" Abdul, power auto dialers, which allow voters to make multiple calls to one number at the push of a button are screwing things up. Straight up.

(Yo, LESHipster, voting for Degarmo 1,780 times with your power auto dialer. Not cool.)

Considering the stakes involved -- no less than the sanctity of our American Way of Life -- Fox knew they had to say something. So Ken Warwick, executive producer of AI (and may we add probably one hell of a nice guy), released something called a non-committal release. Non-committal? Is that necessary? Does a press release really need space to think things through?

"As proven with [Wednesday] night's results, you can never assume that any contestant is safe," Warwick said. "You can never assume that they have enough votes. It's imperative that viewers vote for their favorite Idol every week."

Do you effing see Mark Burnett telling people what is and isn't imperative? No, Ken. You don't. As a bouncer once told us in the back stairwell of a Florence nightclub, after we stagger-leaped onto the platform where a go-go dancer was shaking her ass, "show some respect for the people."

Our favorite theory of why Hudson got banished comes from a Chicago Sun-Times article today which asks:

"Were some of Hudson's local fans unable to watch or vote Tuesday night because of the storms that knocked out power in 15,000 Illinois homes?"

Hey, Ken, using your weather-making machine to rig the votes. Not cool, man. Straight up not cool, says Paula.


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