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Thursday, April 22, 2004

What's The Text-Message Here, America?

Blubox, 4/22: "Hudson: the American Idol equivalent of the Red Sox."

We cursed her. We know.

How did clear-cut favorites J.Hud and Fantasia Barrino end up the bottom two votegetters on last night's episode of American Idol? And how in the name of Sleepy Floyd did Hudson get the boot?

Was it a race issue (the bottom four in voting last night were black)? Was it a class issue (down-and-out teens have less access to wireless technology)?

Or was it because -- hang on -- voters liked her least?

We know that's crazy talk, but it's just possible. Was George W. Bush the smarter, more qualified, more talented presidential choice? (GW + JPL = Good Times)

But why is the Network That Gave Us Al Bundy guarding their voting results as if they will somehow show Bush knew about the 9/11 attacks before they occurred?

Blubox demands that complete and comprehensive voting statistics for American Idol be made part of the public record. Meanwhile, William Bastone and his gang at the Smoking Gun should begin snooping around the AT&T Wireless Division. Pronto.


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