New York City, baby.

Friday, February 20, 2004

Watching your ex-wife grow increasingly more attractive with each passing second since your split has to drain your sane tank. Need conclusive proof? Ethan Hawke recently told Details that he's "a wreck."

But things aren't all bad for the former hubbie of The Bride. This summer he reunites with sweet French tart Julie Delpy in a remake of Before Sunrise, a movie that saw Hawke at the peak of his slacker dignity and Julie Delpy at the peak of her Delpiness. Will the magic still be there? We're willing to throw down some hard-earned cash to find out.

One troubling fact -- the sequel's title: Before Sunset. We kid you not. Another reason to keep us awake at night -- Hawke's character Jesse bumps into Delpy on the French leg of his book tour. Sweet mother, now we're wrecks.


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