New York City, baby.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

The big question is why have I been gone for so long. I could make up a bunch of lame excuse, but you deserve better. You deserve the truth.

For months now I've been fighting a prolonged battle with a determined enemy. One that has weakened my body considerably, forcing me to spend weeks away from my computer screen, never knowing if I'd ever again be strong enough to post on Blubox, let alone leave a snippy comment on a friend's blog. The name of this vicious, relentless foe?

Acid Reflux.

It was not until a certain jet-black-haired songbird had the courage to step forward and let the world know she suffered from this debilitating affliction that I knew I too could stand tall, gassy burning throat and all. Of course, I'm talking about Ashlee Simpson, one of the top-selling artist in America and brightest young stars today.

Some might think of her as just Jessica Simpson's little sister. But to me -- she's a hero.

For more information on acid reflux, please click here.


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