New York City, baby.

Monday, June 28, 2004

Wacky Times On The Waterfront

For the first time, we went to the Seaport Music Festival. What convinced us to leave work early on Friday and head down to South Street? A free show by Ted Leo & The Pharmacists, who we had never seen before. Under a ballet of striking gray clouds, against a backdrop of antique schooners, and in the shadow of a glassy android-dream skyscraper, Ted Leo performed a zesty show for a small crowd of a couple of hundred. The rain came and the crowd stayed, electing to surrender to nature and get soaked to the bone. It felt good to stand in the crowd, watching the band play, too drenched to think, too powerless to care.

Don’t miss your second chance to catch Ted Leo for free this summer, when he plays at the East River Park Amphitheatre on Saturday, July 24th.


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