New York City, baby.

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Blubox Reports From The High Seas

Aboard the Hu Hviss, we spend our days reclining in a lawn chair, gazing contently at seagulls circling overhead. Before we go below deck to get another Anchor Steam and make ourselves a lobster roll sandwich that would make the sous chefs at Punch and Judy weep with jealousy, we introduce our mission to give birth to a child, name her after a fruit, and then... hang on, that's the other project. The one we present to you now is called The Blubox Covers That Should Exist But Don't.

We know what you're thinking. Actually, no we don't. So where were we? Oh, yeah, getting a worm for our fishing line. Or was it finding some chips to go with our lobster roll? No, wait, introducing my new mission. God, we are excited about this contribution to the world's community. Let's get this party started.

Song: A Question Of Lust
Original Artist: Depeche Mode
Cover Artist: Sinead O' Connor


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