New York City, baby.

Friday, May 07, 2004

Blubox Knows It's A Beautiful Day In New York City When...

... the American flags over The Plaza flap gently in the warm spring sky, we don't work for Glenda "No Relation To George" Bailey, Jorge Posada declares himself King of The Golden Showers (Yo, Jeets, could you give me a hand over here?), London's devil-trash drive another of its flaxen-haired society girl/bikini-waxed scribes back into our city's waiting arms (like they have so many), Rickey is back (Rickey says that Rickey will be returning to the Newark club scene with a vengeance), a blonde zaftig girl in oversized sunglasses passes us on 5th Avenue wearing a T-shirt that says Don't Feed The Models, somebody's ace pitcher looked solid while somebody else's stunk it up, Romber makes it to the final four, our national pastime hands contract back to the devil unsigned, we wake up this morning -- and with considerable help from After Bathing at Baxter's -- get through the back end of a multiple-pints-of-Stella-night at the Scratcher and emerge, resplendent, from the ashes of our own overly-complicated mind.


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