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Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Seriously Hung Over

Bloggers can be strangely competitive with other bloggers, but we can assure you that no one is more strangely competitive than us, even though only a miniscule clique, street scholars of higher meaning and Lindsay Lohan, are the least bit interested in the results of any conceivable contest.

Okay, fine, no one, not even the biggest bottomfeeding losers of the niche media world, gives a shit if we live or die.

No matter. Our reason for living today is the same: move Blubox above our very, very casual acquaintances The Real Janelle and TMFTML in the Google rankings for the word "hung over".

We know it will be difficult to achieve our dream considering how hung over we are, but we're sure with your help we can reach the Google Rankings For Hung Over summit. Or at least climb near the top (knocking off could prove difficult). But you're sadly mistaken if you think being hung over will stop us from giving it all we've got.


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