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Tuesday, March 30, 2004

More Musical Insight Than You Can Handle

Franz Ferdinand: Franz Ferdinand

East Village Music Store Clerk remarked to us: "They're Scottish." So is Arthur Conan Doyle, home slice. Too much Stroke, not enough Coke.

Von Bondies: Lack of Communication

We'll give the nerdy Music Bloggers the Von Bondies. The song C'mon, C'mon is raw and addictive. Stuffing his classic art-scene coolness down the band’s nouveau-hip jeans, producer Jerry Harrison, whose resume boast The Talking Heads and Modern Lovers, works magic. Minus points: they're not Scottish. Expect to play the CD as long as you did your last Hives album. You'll never, or almost never, listen to it after that.

N.E.R.D: Fly or Die

Good. Not good enough to buy. Good for a loft party. Like, um, in Carroll Gardens.

Ted Leo and The Pharmacist: Hearts Of Oak

We heard a song coming from our roommate's bedroom. We asked who he was playing. We don't ask that often. Major worry: Leo’s newest album isn't his best. We will be obsessed this week. We will hate ourselves every moment we don’t know exactly what Ted Leo’s last two albums sounds like. Tell us there is a third and we’ll kill ourselves.


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