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Thursday, January 06, 2005

6. Scissor Sisters: Scissor Sisters

To survive so-called adulthood, each year we need one amazing dance album. Something for summer nights drinking cocktails with friends or cruising around the city with too many people in the backseat. In past years, hip-shaking saviors included Daft Punk's Discovery, St. Germain's Boulevard and last year's dancefloor thriller Kish Kash by Basement Jaxx. In 2004, the Scissor Sisters, a group of electrosleaze disco warriors, did the job of spooning out gleeful portions of perverse, hedonistic dance pop to the overworked and underpaid masses. Embrace their over-the-top theatrics or not, a band that can emerge out of the L.E.S. to garner the royal blessing of Elton John and the scorn of Pink Floyd fans must be doing more than just wearing the right shade of eyeliner.


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