New York City, baby.

Friday, October 29, 2004

Now That We've Made Destination, What's Our Next Destiny?

If you're Pedro, you go down to the Dominican Republic and celebrate with your 28-inch tall buddy. If you're Curt "Hobbes" Schilling, you hang out with this cartoon character, you definitely DON'T hang out with this one. If your Gabe "Super Jew" Kapler, you fly to Amsterdam and party your matzo balls off with OC and Myxlplix. What the hell!

As for us, we're going to stick around the city, aka Home Of The Comeback. Maybe look for a new sweater for winter. And, oh yeah, luxuriate in the memories of this — the most wild, surreal, redemptive baseball season in the lifetime of all New Englanders.

One Last Thing: Reuters reports that 88%of the folks in Boston who were watching TV tuned in for the moment when the Red Sox became world champs. My only question: What the %$#! were the other 12% watching?

Thursday, October 28, 2004

It's a Beautiful Day

We didn't really have a speech prepared because we didn't think we were going to win...

But we'd like to thank all those who helped to make it possible: the greatest comeback in baseball history and the first World Series title since 1918.

The 2004 Boston Red Sox team, we couldn't have done it without you. The Fans, who never stopped believing. My grandfather, who loved "them bums." My dad, who indoctrinated me into the Sox cult, and who took me to my first game in Fenway. The Blubox Intern, who, through out the entire playoffs, did yoga visualization exercises so that the Sox would win. We're convinced she made the difference this year. My sister, who always understood the importance of standing tall and representin', even when -- and especially because -- you live in the home of your persecutors. The whole crew, for pulling together when it mattered most. For surviving the 14-inning marathon at Bar 515 and showing up at the Kettle and Fish to share the final glorious out. To LS, Eliot, TDeM, and Langone (and all affiliated ladies, who brought the Olde Town Team good luck). Oh, and we almost forgot. Thanks to the Higher Power, who sent us a lunar eclipse as a sign that he/she was on top of the situation.

The Red Sox are the World Champions. A beautiful day, indeed.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Not many people know this but tonight's lunar eclipse is of a unique kind, not seen from earth in 86 years.

The big question is why have I been gone for so long. I could make up a bunch of lame excuse, but you deserve better. You deserve the truth.

For months now I've been fighting a prolonged battle with a determined enemy. One that has weakened my body considerably, forcing me to spend weeks away from my computer screen, never knowing if I'd ever again be strong enough to post on Blubox, let alone leave a snippy comment on a friend's blog. The name of this vicious, relentless foe?

Acid Reflux.

It was not until a certain jet-black-haired songbird had the courage to step forward and let the world know she suffered from this debilitating affliction that I knew I too could stand tall, gassy burning throat and all. Of course, I'm talking about Ashlee Simpson, one of the top-selling artist in America and brightest young stars today.

Some might think of her as just Jessica Simpson's little sister. But to me -- she's a hero.

For more information on acid reflux, please click here.