New York City, baby.

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Y Tu Monica Tambien

A few days ago we saw Monica Lewinsky at the movie theaters by Union Square, but it took us time to process the encounter in our heads, hence the belated post.

Here's what happened: moments after purchasing our tickets to see Harry Potter at the ticket kiosk, we heard an alarming noise, which turned out to be nothing serious. Just a kid falling down the escalators. The kid got up. Looked okay. Just then, Monica Lewinsky approached us with bulging eyes, apparently in a state of disbelief that a kid could fall down an escalator and not a single person would react.

"Did you see that?" she asked.

We gave her a look: "See what, Monica? You're talking crazy."

Here's what we should have told her: Monica! Wake up! You're in New York! People suck here!

At this stage in our little narrative, we were going to mention the current status of Monica's weight, but the Blubox Intern asked us not to. "Don't put that on your blog. It's mean," she said.

"Uh, I don't think Monica Lewinsky reads Blubox."

"You never know. Gawker could link to it. Then a friend of hers might see it
and tell her. You could hurt her feelings badly."

So, just in case today, suddenly, the blog world goes link-crazy on Blubox, why don't we talk about Harry Potter, instead. Rating the third installment, we give it high marks. We liked how Y Tu Mama Tambien director darkened it up. But the Harry/Hermione/Ron threeway -- perhaps going too far?


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