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Thursday, June 03, 2004

Ultragrrrl Ruled The DJ Booth Last Night At The Delancey, But Where Were Her Blog Chick Roommates?

Song: Cracklin' Rosie
Original Artist: Neil Diamond
Cover Artist: Sleepy Jackson
What's the difference between Luke Steele and Lockhart Steele?:
It’s nearly impossible to pin him down in words, much less try to understand the mastermind behind the Sleepy Jackson
(Curbed) on our own terms. Perhaps that’s why Luke (Lockhart) Steele has already been painted in the international media as a sort of other-worldly character—“difficult” and more than just a tad eccentric. Britain’s New Musical Express went as far as to label him “crazed,” refering to him as “the real Whacko Jacko.” The only thing is, Steele’s not really crazy… he’s just refreshingly different.


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