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Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Stop Me If You Think That You've Heard This One Before

We went to Lindsayism's birthday party at Siberia and can report that it was a total blast.

We drank and drank and drank. So, yes, it could have been the booze, but we totally think we saw Ultragrrrl dancing with that hot mystery boy in the fatigue pants!

So great to catch up with Jenyk, Melody Nelson, Scott Lapatine, Whitney Pastorek. And if that wasn't cool enough, we ran into Bruner, Choire, Deckie, Catherine’s Pita, Casa de Punk, The Wicked, Soviet Panda, F Train, Generationgrrl,Krucoff, rion, Cup of Chica, Terry Teachout, Andrea Seigel, Bloggy, Neurotic Jew,, Bluejake, Bazima,, Low Culture, Lightening Field and I totally think we spotted TMFTML pummeling a delicate hipster boy behind the Ms. Pac Man machine? He’s such a crack addict! Honestly!

We also saw one of those witty hedonistic British blog chicks, we believe it was either Eurotrash, Maccers, or Joyce Leslie flirting with Felix Salmon , who seemed more interested in giving eyes all night to Maud Newton. Crazy scandal!

But the highlight had to be meeting NewYorkish, Memefirst,, Jen Bekman and bookslut. We also scored big hugs from the hotness that is Jen Chung, 601am, Anil Dash, Bunsen, Boingboing, Old Hag, Belle de Jour, Smitten, Paul Frankenstien, Sarah Weinman, Elegant Variation, Twinkle Twinkle, Sarah Space, Rachelleb, Oblivio, Molly, Eliot, GirlNYC, babealicious, Janelle, Tale Of Two Cities, EBway, Nick Denton and Blind Cavefish.

And we can’t believe we almost spilled our drink on Liz Spiers. It was all Lockhart Steele's fault. Cross my heart and swear on it!

Luckily, our friends got us in a taxi before we passed out in a pool of magazine queries, piling up near the DJ booth. A big thanks to all our pals who helped us make such a graceful exit. You know who you are, Avec Les Boucles, Ashlybrooke, Jelena Earlash, New York Doll, Ikeepadiary, Octavia, Margaret Cho, Neil Gaiman, Jennifer Weiner, Jeff Jarvis, Amy Langfield, Information Leafblower, The Alley, D-Nasty, megnut, Coolfer, Aeki Tuesday, jinners, Kittymagik and Bond Girl.

Did we mention that HALF of The Proclaimers were there guest DJing? At least, I think that's who they were. We would definitely walk 5,000 miles to see those guys DJ a blog party as super fun and silly as this one. I heart them so much. Obvs.


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